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Frequently Asked Questions

Very simple, we start by measuring the length of each wall in the bathroom. Then we will measure the height of the bathroom, if it has multiple heights we must also write them down. After we have the measurements of the walls, we will measure the area of ​​the floor and the shower separately. We will write these dimensions down in the memory of length by width when the product is selected.

When we have the measurements and they are entered in the memory provided by the platform. The system will give you the amount of square feet you need to cover the area and its conversion into product boxes. When we enter the quantity to buy in the shopping cart, it must be equal to or greater than the number of boxes suggested by the program.

The interior floor tile can be glazed tile, matte tile or with a textured finish.

The outdoor floor tile should be one with a non-slip or grit finish.

Wall tiles are not designed for foot traffic; therefore, they should not be used on the floor. However, the floor tiles can be used on the wall.

Each mosaic has a standard measurement of 12 “x 12” and depending on its style it can be installed completely or cut into strips to make a strip joining the different pieces. When cut into strips we can get 3 to 6 linear feet of accent. The total width of the walls must be divided by the number of linear feet per tile and thus we obtain the minimum number of units that we must buy. Example a bathroom with two 5 x 8 walls and two 8 x 8 walls makes 26 linear feet on its perimeter. For a mosaic that makes 6 linear feet per piece we would need 5 units (30 linear feet) of mosaic to make an accent on its 4 walls.

The orders that can use the delivery service are those that exceed 300 p / c. Orders less than 300 p / c. They must be picked up at the store or can be delivered for an additional charge.

Your order, after passing the payment process, will be processed by one of our associates.

When your order is in PROCESS it means that the order arrived at the store and is being processed by one of our associates.

What does it mean that my order is in COORDINATE ROUTE?

Your order will be ready for pickup when the status says COMPLETED. In addition, one of our associates will call you when your merchandise is ready.

The service hours of our store are from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

After the purchase date you have 30 days for any claim on your order for breakages. The claim process takes place in the store. Bring the invoice and the merchandise with the breakage with you and one of our associates will help you.

Stoneware is a mixture of natural fluxes that are dry pressed and baked to obtain a high quality ceramic product. By its nature this product has a water absorption of between 3% – 6%.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured in the same way as stoneware but incorporates chemical additions that allow the piece to be subjected to a higher pressure and temperature during its manufacture. This creates a final product with very low water absorption (0.5%) and mechanical properties (resistance to scratching and abrasion) superior to stoneware.

The answer is YES, but a few steps must be taken first. The surface must be cleaned so that no particles of grease or dirt remain. Then use a Prime-2 Bond to prepare the surface and allow it to dry at least 24 hours. Use an adhesive mortar to glue tile on tile.

There is a wide variety of adhesive mortars for floors, the right one depends on the soil conditions. A new floor can use WECO-759 onwards on porous clay tiles and WECO-900 on porcelain tiles. Slabs that exceed 24 inches in width by length must use the WECO-3000 XLF which is designed for large sizes.

To glue the slab to the walls, use an adhesive mortar with WECO-900 polymers. Slabs that exceed 24 inches in width by length must use the WECO-3000 XLF which is designed for large sizes.

At CTA we work two types of grout, with sand and without sand. Sand-free grout is used when the work to be done is on walls. Sand grout is used when work is done on the ground.

The answer is, It is always recommended to use a spacing between each slab. This helps minimize the risk of slab lifting in the future.

Miracle Sealants Heavy Duty Cleaner is a chemical product that removes residues from grout and concrete. Dilute with water and do not leave on the surface for more than 5 minutes.

The answer is no. To glue a slab, the wall or surface must be clean, free of concrete residues or any type of material. A poorly prepared surface leads to poor adhesion.

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us at our store at (787) 898-3037 or a message on our Facebook page.

Correctly discarded or delivered merchandise can be returned, with the condition that it must be during the first 30 days after its purchase, that the product is available in the warehouse and 20% is retained for reincorporation charges. For more details, refer to our claims and returns policy.

The shower floor tile should be one with an anti-slip or dull tile finish to reduce the risk of falls. You can place shower cloths or cloths with a grain finish with greater grip.

We have available toilets, bath mixers, vanities, pedestals, shower curtains, bath accessories and shower panels.

When a product is opened it will inform you how much is available or if it is not available for sale.

At the moment we do not have layaway on the digital platform, we offer you up to 30 days from the moment of purchase to make your delivery. In the store you can directly separate merchandise for 30 days.

At the time of processing your order you will receive an email with the summary of your order. When your order is finished you will receive another email with the order confirmation.

If an error has occurred in your transaction, you should contact the store during business hours and explain your situation. We will work so that we can correct your order and coordinate delivery or collection.

We accept debit cards, visa or master card logo, credit cards and PayPal.