CTA Puerto Rico | Centro de Terrazos y Azulejos

Purchase Guide

Follow these steps to place a Purchase Order with our Online Store. 

Take measurements of the area that will have the tiles installed. You must measure the width and length of the room as showed in the following infographic.

If the materials are for a wall then the process is the same. 

Find the tile or material that you want to purchase from our online store by visiting our Shop

After choosing the Tile or Material that is to be installed you must Choose a Color: the Size: and then place the values of the Length: and Width: of the Room in Feet not in Inches and our Box Calculator Tool will add the required amount of boxes needed for the installation. 

Once that is done click the Add to Cart Button to add them to the Cart.

Once done head over to the Shopping Cart and Checkout to place the Order or you may continue shopping if you need more materials for a different area.